Meet Our Animals

Thank you for your interest in choosing the adoption option. 

The Houston SPCA has hundreds of animals available for adoption every day. And new animals arrive daily. There are cats, kittens, puppies and dogs. Purebreds. Mixed-breeds. We have rabbits and small mammals. Even horses and farm animals! To adopt any horses or farm animal, you must complete the on-line Farm Animal & Equine Adoption Application. Once you've been approved for adoption we ask that you make an appointment with our Barn Manager to arrange a visit with our horses and farm friends!

Someone is waiting for you at the Houston SPCA.


Cats and Kittens

Dogs and Puppies

Small Mammals and Birds


Farm Animals


Puppies/Small Dogs in the Spot Peabody Room - $195

Purebred Dogs - $195

Large Dogs - $95

Kittens - $95

Cats - $65

Ferrets- $75

Rabbits - $30

Guinea Pigs- $15

Small Rodents- $3

Pet Birds - Fees vary by species

Support the Houston SPCA

Intervening on behalf of nearly 50,000 animals in need each year is an expensive endeavor, and your generous donation today will help further our mission. Donating to the Houston SPCA is an investment in your community because your entire donation is used locally to benefit the animals of our area.

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