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Horse Rescue in Downtown Houston

Horse slipped into a storm drain

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(Houston SPCA) 29,2010 -- We are happy to report that Dolly, the 17 year old carriage horse who slipped into a storm drain last week is doing well and back home where she is safe and sound with her owner. The Houston SPCA wants to remind the public that if you see an injured animal or an animal in severe distress to make sure and call our 24-Hour Rescue Ambulance at 713.880-HELP (4357).

The Houston SPCA is the only agency that provides an injured animal ambulance and rescue service 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. Rescues like Dolly’s could not be made possible without your support. If you would like to support the Houston SPCA’s life saving programs and services click here for more information.


(Houston SPCA) -- July 23, 2010 -- The call came in to the Houston SPCA Rescue Hotline shortly after 6:00 pm. A 17 year old carriage horse, a Percheron named Dolly, had slipped into a storm drain in downtown Houston. Chief Investigator Charles Jantzen and his team quickly arrived on the scene. Dolly was sedated to keep her calm while workers chipped away at the storm drain cover with a sledge hammer. Once the opening was big enough, Jantzen strapped on a safety helmet and jumped into the sewer to free Dolly’s legs which were wedged up to her hocks at a 45 degree angle. VICTORY!

After one hour, Dolly was free but not out of the woods yet. Investigators from the Houston SPCA, Precinct One Constables Office, Houston Police Department, the Harris County Sheriff’s Department, BARC and others joined forced to carefully slide the downed horse onto a Houston SPCA Rescue Sled. Heave Ho! Heave Ho! It took but a short time for these courageous men to move Dolly from the street to her trailer. Shortly after getting Dolly safely into the trailer, the hobbles were removed and she came out of sedation. She quickly got to her feet and was standing on her own nuzzling her owner. The Houston SPCA will follow up with Dolly’s owner to ensure that she receives the necessary medical treatment following this tragic ordeal. 


Thanks to your support, the Houston SPCA Cruelty Investigations team is able to train year around for equine and large animal rescues like tonights! If you’d like to support the life-saving programs and services of the Houston here!


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