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The Barn Doors Are Open

At The Houston SPCA

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Get ready to fall in love with our horses, goats, sheep, donkeys and a few feathered friends who are waiting for you at the Houston SPCA.   The sixth Open Barn Day will take place on Saturday, October 1, from 10am to 5pm at the Houston SPCA, 900 Portway Drive in Houston.   Since Open Barn Day’s beginnings earlier this year, over 70 horses and farm animals have found life-long loving new homes thanks to the Houston SPCA.

Many of these homeless animals have been rescued by the Houston SPCA Cruelty Investigations Team.  This year alone, they have responded to over 12,000 cases of animal cruelty, abuse and neglect.

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Titan the pony is waiting for you!

On August 25th, the Houston SPCA Cruelty Investigations team responded to a call from the City of Prairie View Police Department about some horses and mules in desperate need of help.  Seven horses and two mules were found living in deplorable conditions where they were tied to trees without adequate food and water.  All of the horses were emaciated, but one mare was so skinny that she was found lying in the mud as the cruel summer sun of over 100 degrees beat down on her frail body. Her breathing was labored and she was too weak and dehydrated to even stand.  We are thrilled to report that the “Prairie View Nine” were all transported to the Houston SPCA, where our veterinary teams administered emergency care.  They are all doing quite well and the mare, now affectionately named “Xena” by our caring barn team, is gaining weight and on the road to a second chance at life and love!

The Houston SPCA’s monthly Open Barn Days give approved adopters the opportunity to visit with a number of horses and farm animals without having to schedule an appointment.  Make sure to visit and complete the online application or download a copy and fax or email it back to us.  All male horses and donkeys up for adoption will be gelded, and all equines will be vaccinated and have current Coggins tests and be dewormed.

Here are a few other guidelines to follow if you are interested in attending the “Open Barn Day.”

•Log onto to complete or download the equine and farm animal application.

•Make sure to provide proof of residence and / or a lease agreement from your landlord.

•Provide the name of the veterinarian you currently use or plan to use when you adopt a farm animal.

•Provide the name of a farrier you have used in the past or plan to use when you adopt a farm animal.

•Bring identification such as a driver’s license with your current address.   

The cost of farm animals at the Houston SPCA is as follows:

•Horses range from $100 to $400 based on age, health and temperament.

•Sheep, goats and donkeys are individually priced.

Volunteers and staff from the Houston SPCA will be on-hand with detailed information such as age, description, personality and knowledge of each and every horse and farm animal on the campus.  In order to accommodate all of our adopters, arrangements for all animal pick-ups will be scheduled for the following week. 


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