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Lost in Montrose

We lost a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog in the Fairview/Dunlavy area of Houston.

On the night of the 11th, our dog, Augie, escaped the fence and was last seen running south down Dunlavy at Fairview. He has his collar on with all of our contact information and he is microchipped. He is a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog - black with white and brown markings and about 110 lbs. he is very gentle and sweet, but also a little wary of strangers, so he may not be quick to approach anyone. If you see anything in that area resembling our description, please give us a call at either Alex: 832-335-8765 or Amy: 979-574-3495.
We are very worried and are sure that he's quite frightened and confused. We greatly appreciate any help one may be able to provide to help us bring him home. Thank you.

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