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Missing my King!

Missing my King!
Missing my King!

Hi my sweet sweet baby boy was taken from my home a few months ago and I'm slowly losing hope but I have not stopped looking. I look every single day. He is a blue and white pitbull who is so trusting and harmless. He is a little over 2 yrs old.

Around the time King went missing from our home in Lumberton, Tx a lot of other dogs did too. I'm not sure what the sick person was doing but I fear the worst. I have posted flyers, called many shelters, and his picture has been shared HUNDREDS of times on numerous lost and found pages. He is very spoiled and trusts anyone. He has willingly jumped into complete strangers trucks at the beach which lets me know he would absolutely go with anyone who spoke kind to him. He was an inside dog until our baby was born and my husband made us put him in the yard until we got them used to each other and were sure he wouldn't be jealous because he had always been my baby before her. He never left my side. He is blue and white, more blue than white. He has a full tail with a white tip and his ears are not clipped. He has a large blue spot on his right eye and a small blue spot on his left. If anyone has even seen him PLEASEEEE call me (Devin Coker) at 409-782-6088 or my husband ( Casey ) at 409-678-3722

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