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Abused and Neglected Horses Need Your Help!

The Houston SPCA is reporting that investigations of horse abuse, cruelty and neglect are up 43% in just two years.

The Houston SPCA is reporting that investigations of horse abuse, cruelty and neglect are up 43% in just two years.  Already in 2008, the Houston SPCA has investigated 3,311 cases of equine abuse.  Annually hundreds of these noble animals are seized from danger and distress.

Houston SPCA Vice President of Shelter Operations, Jorge Ortega says, “We are currently housing 56 horses at our shelter and have another 7 in foster care.”  Ortega says the shelter is in need of permanent loving adoptive homes, temporary foster homes and supplies.  “We need quality feed, blankets, sheets, halters, lead ropes, fly sheets, fly masks, fly repellants, brushes, clippers, and other grooming supplies.”

Ortega says that foster homes are critical to the success of the life-saving Farm Animal Adoption program.  “We rely on our foster homes to provide a nurturing environment where a horse’s physical and emotional needs can heal before adoption.  Our foster families give these magnificent animals a second chance at life by providing a safe, loving place where a horse’s personality can blossom and shine!”  Anyone interested in temporarily fostering a horse in need, can call Ana Perez at 713.869.7722 x121.

And, according to Ortega, the Houston SPCA is scheduling a Farm Animal Adoption Day for Saturday, September 6 and 7.  He urges anyone interested in adopting a horse to email; call the Houston SPCA Farm Animal Adoption Coordinator at (713) 869-7722 ext. 188 or click here to download the Farm Animal Adoption Application.  The adoption fees are as follows:  Horses - $400; Donkeys - $300; Goats/Sheep - $50; Pigs $30; and fowl $5.

For more information on the Houston SPCA, please call 713.869.7722 or visit

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