December 5, Stude Park - iWalk for Animals -

Our mission is to promote commitment to and respect for all animals and free them from suffering, abuse and exploitation. HOUSTON SOCIETY FOR THE PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS

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Wildlife Center of Texas


Please visit our affiliate organization, The Wildlife Center of Texas, for information about peacefully coexisting with native wildlife or if you need help with injured or orphaned wildlife.

The Wildlife Center of Texas is always in need of volunteers to care for the thousands of injured or orphaned babies that arrive at the Wildlife Center. The Wildlife Center of Texas also provides opportunities for volunteers to answer phones, enter data for animals arriving at the center, transport wildlife between rehabbers and to release sites, help with fundraising and assist with paperwork. They also attend continuing education classes concerning the wildlife rehabilitation process, procedures to obtain the proper permits to rehabilitate injured and orphaned wild animals and other general information.  Interested volunteers should join us for a volunteer orientation.

WHERE: Wildlife Center of Texas 7007 Katy Rd., Houston, TX 77024
WHEN: Every second Saturday from 10:00 am 12:00 pm
NOTE: For more details on the Volunteer Orientation or to register, please call 713-861-WILD or email


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