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191 Animals Rescued in a Matter of Hours

When the call came in - we didn't hesitate. We were told there were hundreds of animals - all species living and suffering in horrible conditions. Our entire organization mobilized to save lives.


When we first pulled up, the noise was deafening. Squawking, barking, noises from the pigs and cats all sounding off together. Houston SPCA’s Chief Cruelty Investigator, Adam Reynolds said, “We never imagined that we would find nearly 80 hens and roosters living in small bedrooms. The ammonia levels that we encountered inside the house rank as one of the most toxic environments that we have encountered.”

All the animals are safe and being cared for. But, our work has just begun. We won’t be able to do this without you. In fact, one of the reasons we could take this call with confidence is we KNEW you’d stand with us! Please support this and all of our life-saving efforts. We need you now more than ever!

 Rescue Cats