Cruelty Investigators Make Animal Welfare Checks & Reminders to Pet Owners Before Historic Freeze

Houston SPCA’s Animal Cruelty Investigators Remind Pet Owners to Bring Pets Inside

HOUSTON  (February  13,  2021)—A  team of  Animal  Cruelty  Investigators from the  Houston  SPCA is keeping a close eye on outdoor pets during their animal welfare checks around Houston.  They are strongly encouraging pet owners to bring their pets indoors, and have also been sharing some warm blankets for those pets as the extreme weather is expected to bring sleet,  ice, and freezing temperatures in the coming days.  Some pets have already been brought into their homes for warmth, while some pet owners have set out makeshift shelters and heat lamps for their cats.  The Houston  SPCA  will continue to be vigilant in reminding pet owners of the life-threatening freeze and the devastating consequences if they do not care for their pet properly.  Anyone with questions should reach out to the  Houston  SPCA  at  713-869-7722  or if they see an animal in distress. See more photos and video. File an online cruelty report here.