Humane Education

The Houston SPCA has a vibrant Humane Education Program and offers a variety of programs and activities for students including visits to your school with curriculum-based programs, as well as Scout programs and Critter Camp on our campus.

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Humane education is the teaching of respect, kindness and compassion in relation to animal welfare, social justice and environmental issues. It can bring forth the desire and capability to live with compassion, integrity and wisdom, and can give the knowledge and skills to take action in meaningful ways that allow humans to live in a kinder world.

It also teaches people how to properly care for and respect their companion animals, such as cats and dogs, and all forms of animal life. It can be used as a tool to explain the consequences of irresponsible behavior and motivate people to see the importance of living creatures other than ourselves.

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The Power of Education

More than ever we are realizing the connection between child abuse, animal abuse and violence towards one’s peers. The need to teach kindness and empathy through guided humane education programs, while still connecting with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, is greater than ever. Humane education is the only educational method that recognizes how powerful the connection we have with nonhuman animals is and allows us to use that connection to share our humanity with others.