Eight Severely Neglected and Emaciated Horses Rescued in Sunnyside

HOUSTON   (August   5,   2021)   –   Houston   SPCA   Animal Cruelty Investigators and Harris County Constable Precinct 1 rescued three mares, three stallions, and two colts from a Sunnyside property earlier today after the emaciated equine were discovered in deplorable living conditions.    The dilapidated, mud-filled area where the horses were being kept did not have adequate food or clean water.

A  few of the horses have overgrown hooves, which can be extremely painful if they are not seen regularly by a farrier.

All of the horses will receive individualized veterinary care from the Houston SPCA until a custody hearing in the coming weeks. Their award-winning equine and farm animal team will re-introduce a nutritional diet for all of the emaciated horses.

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