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Many animals who come to the Houston SPCA are not yet adoption-ready and require time in loving foster homes before they will be ready to find their forever homes.

Invaluable Impact of Foster Volunteers. Foster volunteers temporarily care for foster-eligible animals, either until they are ready for adoption or for a portion of the total time they require fostering. By having foster volunteers care for Houston SPCA animals in their own homes, we are able to vastly increase the number of animals we can save!

Are you interested in becoming a Bottle Baby Nursery Volunteer? You can click here to fill out the application.
Foster-Eligible Animals. The Foster Program at the Houston SPCA serves household pets including felines, canines, and other small mammals. Those who most often require fostering include the ill, injured, and/or immature (too young and/or underweight to be spayed/neutered). Additionally, some animals simply require socialization before they can be made available for adoption. We also occasionally have healthy adoptables become eligible for a short weekday vacation in a foster home (must have been awaiting adoption for at least one month).
Our Commitment. We commit to evaluating all animals medically and behaviorally before making them foster-eligible. Additionally, the Foster Care Coordinator can help you find an appropriate foster pet for your household and will continue to be the supervisor for any foster questions/concerns you may have once an animal is in your home. All supplies you will need in order to foster (food, litter, crates, toys, bedding, medicine, etc.) are provided by the Houston SPCA, and all medical treatments and check-ups are done on-site by our veterinary staff.
Your Commitment. We expect that our foster volunteers read the Foster Program Handbook (sent out once application is accepted) in its entirety before attending orientation/training and adhere to the latest program policies and procedures at all times. Foster volunteers are also expected to maintain open lines of communication with the Foster Care Coordinator, which requires dependable access to internet and email. While the majority of your foster care-giving will take place in your home, foster parents must also be prepared to bring their foster animals back to the Houston SPCA for vet checks approximately every two weeks until they are adoption-ready.
Foster Parent Requirements. Beyond the willingness to make the commitment described above, there are some specific requirements foster volunteer applicants must meet before they can become official foster parents with the Houston SPCA. Please ensure that you can meet the following criteria before initiating your application:

  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Understand that this program is not intended for those wanting to “foster to adopt”. Your first three foster animals will be placed up for adoption on our adoption floor and are not eligible for foster parents to adopt.
  • Must be willing to foster at least 1 animal every 6 months.
  • Have the consent of the head of household to foster, if applicable.
  • Ability to pass our standard criminal background check.
  • Resident pets must all be spayed/neutered with vaccinations up-to-date.
  • Ability to isolate foster pets from resident pets for first 14 days.
  • Prepared to house all foster animals indoors and have consent of landlord, if applicable.
  • Prepared to pay one-time $40 volunteer fee to cover induction costs.
  • Commit to attend foster training and/or volunteer orientation, if applicable.
  • Commit to re-attend foster training if 6-month or more hiatus is taken at any time.

 More Questions? Please feel free to contact our Foster Care Coordinator at or 713-869-7722 ext. 121

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