Houston SPCA Pups ‘Hoop It Up’ to Rally For UH Cougars

Houston SPCA Newborn Pups Hit the B-Ball Court to Cheer on Coogs!

(HOUSTON) March 26, 2021 –  The Houston SPCA is showing their support for our University of Houston Cougars basketball team after they advanced to the NCAA Sweet 16 that will be held this weekend.  The very active litter of 8 puppies hooped it up inside their own specially-designed basketball court earlier today for a practice session.  Watch it here! There was no double dribbling or traveling on the court, but plenty of ball rolling, wrestling and tail wagging. We are pleased to share that there was quite a bit of cooing for our Coogs on the court before they all quickly piled up for a nap.

These rescue puppies currently live with other neonatal puppies and kittens in the Houston SPCA Nursery, where staff and volunteers provide lifesaving,  round-the-clock care for orphaned,  newborn animals who are fed every few hours until they are placed into a foster home. For more information on joining Foster Family, please visit www.houstonspca.org.

We wish our Coogs the very best on Saturday!

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