20% Increase of Pets Left Behind in Heat, Horrific Living Conditions Since Pandemic

(HOUSTON) July 15, 2020 – Late yesterday, the Houston SPCA and the Southeast Animal Cruelty Division of the Houston Police Department rescued emaciated animals, including a puppy, four dogs, a Chinchilla, cat, and a mouse after they were abandoned inside a home in deplorable condition and sweltering heat.  They also discovered eight deceased animals inside the home located near the 300 block of Tierwester Village Street. Since mid-March, the Houston SPCA and multiple law enforcement agencies, including Harris County Precinct 1 Constables, have investigated or are currently investigating a total of 187 abandonment cases since mid-March.



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Adam Reynolds, Chief of Animal Cruelty at the Houston SPCA, attributes the 20 percent increase in abandonment cases to the dramatic shift in people’s circumstances due to the pandemic. “Despite these uncertain times, there is no reason to leave an animal behind. None.  It’s against state law and is cruel,” said Reynolds. There is a better solution.  Reach out to the Houston SPCA or your local animal shelter, rather than leaving an animal to suffer or die and break the law,” added Reynolds.

On July 7, a shepherd mix, tethered to a very short leash and couldn’t sit or lie down was abandoned in a vacant field off Jensen and I-10 along with a cat until a Good Samaritan called the Houston SPCA and Harris County Precinct 1 Constables to report cruelty.      On June 28, a severely malnourished shepherd mix puppy was abandoned at a property located off Wallisville Road.  She was suffering from hair loss and was unable to stand on her own.  She is now safely in the care of the Houston SPCA, where she is slowly being reintroduced to food.

The Houston SPCA Animal Cruelty investigations team works with local law enforcement in Houston and 10 surrounding counties, including Harris County, to battle animal cruelty and be a voice for the voiceless. Report cruelty at 713.869.7722 or file a report at


During COVID-19, Cruelty investigations, 24-hour injured animal rescue ambulance, curbside adoptions, COVID-19 fostering, and the Houston SPCA’s Wildlife Center of Texas continue to operate at normal. To report cruelty, file an online report here: Online Animal Cruelty Report or call (713) 869-7722. See an injured stray animal? Please call our 24-hour rescue ambulance at 713.880.HELP (4357). Find injured wildlife? Visit the Houston SPCA’s Wildlife Center of Texas. For more details and updates on this news and others, follow @HoustonSPCA on social and visit their Newsroom at