Summer Critter Camp Scholarships Available
Thanks to a Generous Donor, a Limited Number of Week-long Day Camp Scholarships are Available
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Houston SPCA Rescues Dog from Balcony
Uncovered Third Floor Balcony Registered 106 Degrees
iWalk for Animals
It's FREE to be part of the Houston SPCA team. Set your goals, your sport, ...
Houston SPCA Launches Working Cat Program
Mutually Beneficial Initiative Gives Feral Cats a Job and Home
Houston SPCA Pups ‘Hoop It Up’ to Rally For UH Cougars
Houston SPCA Newborn Pups Hit the B-Ball Court to Cheer on Coogs!
Pets In Need Receive Free Food
Houston SPCA, Harris County Precinct 1 Hosted Pet Food Giveaway
Houston SPCA Launches Foster Family
A Seamless Way to Care for Homeless Pets and Help Save Lives Even After You’ve ...
Critter Crew Applications are Open Now!
Interested in joining Critter Crew this summer? If you are at least 16 years old, ...
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Starving Horses Rescued
Houston SPCA Rescue Teams Removed 17 Emaciated Horses
1,000 Pet Meals Served
Drive-Through Pet Food Distribution Held for Pet Owners in Need
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Free Pet Food Distribution
Drive-Through Pick Up for Pet Owners in Need
Houston SPCA earns Top Honors in Forever Foundation Equine Excellence Awards
“Houston SPCA has successfully incorporated the Forever Foundation into their operations and is a role ...
Services Update February 19, 2021
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Six Dogs Suffering Outside in Sub-Freezing Temperatures, One Deceased
Houston SPCA and HPD Major Offenders Investigating Animal Cruelty At SW Houston Auto Body Shop
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How To Help Wildlife During and After the Freeze
Houston SPCA’s Wildlife Center of Texas Is Open Today for Impacted Animals
Cruelty Investigators Make Animal Welfare Checks
Houston SPCA’s Animal Cruelty Investigators Remind Pet Owners to Bring Pets Inside
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