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Pets and Your Health

Did you know that having a pet is good for your health?
When you adopt a furry friend into your home, you are not only changing their life, they are changing yours.

Listed below are just a few ways that pet ownership can benefit your mental and physical health.


Better Heart Health
Studies show that having a pet is linked to decreased blood pressure, reduced triglyceride levels, and even lower cholesterol, contributing to overall improvement in cardiovascular health.

Fitness and Activity
According to the Office for Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, adults should get about 2 hours and 30 minutes worth of moderate
exercise per week. According to the American Heart Association owners are 54% more likely to reach and surpass that goal by unconsciously making accommodations for their dog’s lifestyle. This increase in activity can lead to weight loss and has been proven to increase overall physical health.

Healthier Mental Well-being
Not only do dog owners report that their forever friends have helped ease the impact of their depression due to their calming nature; but studies show that people who own dogs have higher levels of dopamine and serotonin than those who do not – leader to lower stress levels and reduced anxiety.

Allergy Prevention for Future Generations
In the past, experts believed having a family pet contributed to children’s allergies. However, modern research shows dogs and cats actually lower a child’s chance of becoming allergic to pets—up to 33 percent; and can even lead to them developing stronger immune systems.

More Lively Social Lives
According to researchers, 40% of dog owners make friends more easily, possibly because dogs are natural conversation starters and subjects of conversation. This encourages sociability even for dog owners that are typically less outgoing; creating opportunities for more frequent and fulfilling social interaction.



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