Rehoming Center

The Rehoming Center is by appointment only, and for your convenience, open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. There is no cost to admit an animal, but appointments are subject to availability. Please note, we do not humanely euthanize animals for space or at the end of a certain time period. We proudly find new loving homes for all of our adoption-ready animals, and with adoption partners or reputable sanctuaries. Appointments cannot be made online, so please call (713) 869-7722 for scheduling.

Rehoming Center FAQS

Do you get my tax dollars to accept unwanted animals? No. The Houston SPCA is a private non-profit charity that receives no tax dollars or funding from the government, the United Way or other animal protection organizations like the ASPCA or HSUS. 

What if I change my mind and want my pet back? If you leave your animal with us you will sign a contract relinquishing ownership and all rights to that animal. There is no remorse period and we will not contact you regarding final disposition.

Will the Houston SPCA accept my stray animal? We encourage people to take stray animals to the appropriate animal control agency for their area. Stray animals are admitted to our shelter by appointment only. We will accept an animal as a stray if he/she has been in your possession for less than 14 days. We also accept injured stray animals through our 24-hour injured animal rescue ambulance service.

What if the animal has been in my possession for more than 14 days? If you have been confining and caring for an animal for 14 days or more on your property, we consider that animal to be your property and not a stray. Please admit him/her as an “owned” animal through our rehoming program so that he/she can be evaluated and, if found to be healthy, immediately placed into our adoptions program if possible.

What if I need to have my animal euthanized? There is no fee for owner-requested euthanasia. The service is donation-based for dogs, cats and small mammals. However, there is a $100 fee for horses and the owner must haul in and take care of body disposal. Appointments are preferred.  Please call 713-869-7722 for scheduling.

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Intervening on behalf of nearly 50,000 animals in need each year is an expensive endeavor, and your generous donation today will help further our mission. Donating to the Houston SPCA is an investment in your community because your entire donation is used locally to benefit the animals of our area.

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