School Programs

The Houston SPCA provides free, TEKS-aligned school presentations and lesson plans to Houston-area schools. To book your presentation, please e-mail or call our Community Education department (713-869-7722 ext. 143) today.

*Due to Summer Critter Camp, we will not be offering school programs during the Summer months. We will continue offering these programs once Summer Critter Camp ends. Feel free to still reach out here to book your event in advanced for the Fall.

View our full 2017-2018 Community Education School Program Curriculum.

Storybook Reading Sessions:

  • For pre-K – 1st graders, we offer storybook reading sessions. Teachers can pick from our list of children’s books which includes stories about animals being rescued, how to interact with animals you just met and why animal shelters are important. Storybook reading sessions are between 20-30 minutes and can fit into any part of a teacher’s schedule. 

School Wide Assembly Presentations:

  • School-wide assemblies range in length from 45 minutes to 1 hour. Each presentation gives an inside look into the services the Houston SPCA offers the community. Topics include:

“Career Day: Working with Animals”

  • This program focuses on introducing students to the world of animal care and welfare. Students will learn about numerous animal-related careers, how those careers benefit animals, and what qualifications are needed for those positions.

“Animals Get Bullied, Too: There’s No Excuse for Abuse”

  • This program introduces the concept of animal cruelty to students and how it relates to bullying between peers. Focusing on empathy and compassion, students will learn what animal cruelty is, what to do if they see an animal being mistreated, and how to spread the word about proper treatment of animals.

“What Are Animals Trying to Tell Us? A Look at Animal Behavior”

  • This program describes what animal behavior is, how animals can communicate with each other and humans, and what to do in a variety of scenarios with animals you have just met. Students will learn the differences between animals that are safe to interact with and those that should be left alone.

“Houston SPCA at a Glance: How the Houston SPCA Helps Animals”

  • This program gives an overview of the Houston SPCA’s mission and services it provides to the Houston community. Students will learn how and why animals are brought to the Houston SPCA, why adopting an animal from a shelter is so important, as well as how they can help our animals from home! 

In-Classroom Presentations:

In-classroom presentations are between 45 minutes to 1 hour and include full lesson plans for the teacher to use with their students.

Topics include:

  • Pet Ownership and Responsibility
  • Too Many Pets: Animal Overpopulation
  • An Inside Look: What Goes On at an Animal Shelter?
  • Comparative Anatomy: Do We All Look the Same Inside?
  • How Scientists Are Making a Difference
  • All About Genetics: A Look Inside Animal DNA
  • A Day at the Dog Park: Design and Create
  • Consumer Relationships
  • Animal Poetry: Finding the Animal in You
  • Basic Genetics Revealed by Cats
  • Animal Cruelty and What You Can Do About It
  • Wolf to Woof: Human Role in Dog Evolution
  • Animal Adaptations
  • Dog Communities Across the Globe
  • Classification of Animals
  • History of the Houston SPCA

To book your presentation, please e-mail or call our Community Education department (713-869-7722 ext. 143) today.


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