Starving Horses Rescued Among Field of Equine Skeletons, Carcasses in Washington County

Houston SPCA Rescue Teams Removed 17 Emaciated Horses

(HOUSTON) March 10, 2021 – Houston SPCA Animal Cruelty Investigators and Equine Team removed 17 emaciated horses from a property in Washington County earlier today and discovered multiple carcasses and scores of bones, including a skull of what appeared to be a young horse.

The owner’s family members reached out to the Houston SPCA for assistance after they reported that the animals were not being taken care of properly.

“It is critical that owners reach out when they need lifesaving assistance with their animals, and not wait until it’s too late,” said Adam Reynolds, Chief Animal Cruelty Investigator. “It became abundantly clear there was suffering and neglect for a significant amount of time once we discovered all of the bones.”

The horses are now receiving veterinary care and proper nutrition, and will also be rehabilitated by the Houston SPCA’s award-winning equine and farm animal team.