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*UPDATE* on 191 Animals Rescued in Spring, TX

You may have seen this story on the news. Nearly 200 animals were living in a situation of unimaginable neglect on a property in Montgomery County.

Dogs and other animals were at constant risk of injury from dangerous debris outside. In the house, air was so thick with ammonia that some of our investigators weren’t able to go inside. Yet that’s where cats, rabbits, birds and more were forced to live - some for years.


They needed to be removed immediately and cared for by the only organization that could handle such a wide variety of species. And thanks to compassionate friends like you, the Houston SPCA was right on hand.

… And Still More
It was one of the worst environments we’ve ever seen and a LOT of animals to take in all at once. But just the next day we rescued another 23 innocent lives from another location who were on the brink of losing their home—a mother dog with newborn pups, more puppies and adult dogs, ducks, geese … because, with your help, that’s what we do here.

A Team Effort
So what’s happening to the 191 animals from Montgomery County? They’re being nursed back to health through a huge team effort including:

  • Cats, dogs and rabbits in the Houston SPCA hospital
  • Ducks, chickens and pigs with our barn team
  • Two dozen birds with the Houston SPCA’s Wildlife Center
  • Texas A&M fourth-year veterinary students getting hands-on learning, including how to safely warm up one very, very cold iguana
  • Hundreds of members of the Houston community who have donated money and supplies

Jess and a dog

In It for the Long Haul
We’ve been able to triage and stabilize the worst cases. Now we begin the longer battle—to get them healthy, fight for justice and find them new, loving homes where they will never have to be hungry and afraid again.

We’re deeply grateful for the outpouring of support from our community that provided immediate care for these animals in their hour of need. Now, we’re calling on kind-hearted people like you to join us for the rest of the journey.

Yellow Bird