Wildlife Educational Presentations

The Houston SPCA’s Wildlife Center of Texas provides educational presentations on numerous topics for audiences from elementary school age to adult groups.
Wildlife Presentations

We provide trained speakers for both on campus and off campus presentations to address civic groups, businesses, schools, and other organizations interested in native wildlife.  Some of our Education Ambassadors are available to accompany the speaker when it’s safe and appropriate. Through education, we hope to reduce human-wildlife conflicts, habitat destruction, and unnecessary relocation of local wildlife. Our availability for presentations is limited as we are usually busy with animal care.

Off-campus Presentations
If deemed appropriate, our trained speakers and one or two of our wildlife ambassadors will give a presentation at your location or event. The Houston SCPCA’s Wildlife Center of Texas Education Programs focus on responsible stewardship of the environment and wildlife, as well as peaceful coexistence and the public’s role in wildlife rehabilitation. For off-campus presentations, there is a $250 fee for a one-hour presentation. Please email presentations@wildlifecenteroftexas.org to schedule.

On-campus Presentations
If you would like to schedule a presentation on our campus, please email presentations@wildlifecenteroftexas.org with the number of children and adults in your group along with available dates. A presentation fee will be applied based on group size. Please note that an on-campus presentation does not include a tour of our facilities or the animals in our care. Presentation space is limited, and we may not be able to accommodate every group.

Email presentations@wildlifecenteroftexas.org for availability and scheduling.